Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fresh tip from a black belt

I may pay for today's post but it just can't go without being published...

Yesterday one of my instructors made a point before a round to warn one of our purple belts to not do the "masturbation position" with the small purple belt female he was about to roll with.

Um... WAT???

I still haven't quite figured out the analogy, even with his DEMONSTRATION of what he meant but his point was something about not stalling back and forth. Either go forward with a pass or go to something else but don't stall!

SO, lesson of the day, DON'T DO THE MASTURBATION POSITION in jiu-jitsu! No matter how frustrated, tired, mentally "beat" (haha) you are, do SOMEthing! Don't stall! Every day of training is progress because you made it there and you trained and even when it felt like you trained like crap, even the crap training is something!


  1. He meant you go back and forth and look like you're doing something but aren't really getting anything, just going through the motions ;) I think. There was some semi-literal motioning demonstrated with more or less how people get intentionally stuck/stall in the 50/50 guard (or similar situations from knees) where they sit up, then sit down, and up, and down, back...and get the "picture" ;) refusing to pressure one game or another.

  2. This is definitely an interesting way to describe stalling.
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  3. HahahHAHahhahahahaHAhahha...