Monday, January 24, 2011

"Omg! Haven't seen you in forever! What are you, a purple/brown belt now???" Ummm... well... errr... you see...

I got my blue belt in November 2003. I am a blue belt today. Yep. But hey, I'm at a different academy now so something changed! So... what happened?


But anyways.

Why go back to jiu-jitsu? Who knows. I don't know if I really enjoyed it the first time around *gasp*! But one of my closest friends, Crystina Coats, is and always will be a jiu-jitsu chick and I guess that's what kept me thinking about it...... every now and then I'd go and take a class, get smashed, run back to muay thai.

It's definitely intimidating to think about going back when all the people you started with or even started AFTER you are now purple/brown/black belts. Crystina, Giselle, JOEL (wtf!).

I'm 33 whereas many of the top female competitors today are lethal enough to whoop my a$$ with their eyes closed but not old enough to get into a club (legally). Again, wtf???

But whatever. In the end, who am I doing this for? Yeah, I often have to deal with the "what belt are you now? How long have you been training?" and the inevitable look of "wow, you must really suck" or just plain pity on their face (but at least they don't say it aloud). But now that I'm back into training, I feel the loss of even one day away. So I'm glad I didn't put it off any longer and who knows... maybe having these adult muscles first will help in the long run. At least I had a few years of having semi-normal looking knuckles before I got back into training! Silver lining to every cloud!


  1. Hahaha! This is hilarious! Just last night in Capoeira a girl asked me how long I've been training, which I mumbled and she says, "Oh your that girl that's been training FOREVER and is still a yellow belt!" Her voice literally raised 5 octives when she put two and two together. I tried to hold my head up high. Oh well, this is what I get and anyway...the batizado is on Sunday. Let's see if I'm ready for a different color scheme.

    BTW- I love the run on sentence.

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