Monday, March 7, 2011

Lesson(s) Learned: Competitors, Regret.

Yesterday was the first day in my life that I have ever truly regretted not competing.  I won't say it was a sad day for me, however.  In fact, it was quite the opposite.  My roommate and training partner, Samantha Faulhaber, won the finals in the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials yesterday by a beautiful clock choke against a brown belt opponent anyone would be proud (and intimidated!) to go up against.  It was a moment of T-O-T-A-L AWESOMENESS that made my eyes well up.

Picture from Graciemag International 

I learned a lot from watching Sam compete this weekend.  Everyone that goes to tournaments like these puts in months and months of painfully hard work in the hopes of winning that golden ticket to Abu Dhabi.  There are no easy matches at a tournament like this.  Some of the best fighters didn't win this past weekend.  So to see Sam face-off with each opponent this weekend without a shadow of fear or doubt and to watch her stay cool and focused throughout each match, well... she's got that Vulcan thing down and it paid off.  That was lesson #1 this weekend.

The other big lesson...  The Regret.  Because I haven't figured out if I can label "eating" as a passion, I will have to say that my two biggest passions in life are traveling and jiu-jitsu.  Sam is the 4th female from my academy to compete in the Abu Dhabi Trials this year and the 4th one to win her ticket.  Had I competed this past weekend, would I have made it as well? Who knows.  But NOT competing certainly guaranteed that I will NOT be going.  No doubt about that.

Question is:  At what point did I let my oh-so-important rule of not competing take precedence over satisfying two of the biggest passions in my life?  

Yeah, I was sick all last week and during the weekend of the trials.  In fact, I'm still sick today. However, last I checked, you do NOT get disqualified for puking on your opponent.  

Anyways, the opportunity has come and gone.  But lesson has been learned.  I hate letting golden opportunities slip past me and I hate making the same mistake twice......

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