Monday, June 6, 2011

Pivotal People in My Jiu-Jitsu Life

There have been several people in my jiu-jitsu life that have been monumental in my growth, not just in technique but in attitude, appreciation of the sport, and love for my team.  There are some that are of course quite obvious, like my coaches Johnny Faria and Regis Lebre, and my dear roommate, Samantha Faulhaber.  But today's post is dedicated to someone very special that, despite almost 2 years of training side by side, I have only recently started to get to know just a little bit yet she has absolutely been one of the biggest influences in my jiu-jitsu life...  

Why write this blog entry?  I write this because I think sometimes we may all take for granted who is on our team and who adds to our growth, like we sometimes take our parents or siblings for granted.  So I'm marking today as my personal "Appreciate My Dope-A$$ Training Partners Day".

Although I believe this particular training partner and I have had MANY moments of T-O-T-A-L misunderstanding between each other, she has never been anything less than a role model for me.  I've seen her come in and get paired up with large newbs that go 200% on her tiny person and tap them like Cesar Milan zpffft's! a bad doggie.  I've seen her go through class after class in a row and never sit out for a single round.  Many a time have I seen her stay after class to drill, drill, drill with anyone that will make the time for her.  Always humble and appreciative.

But not once have I ever seen her complain.  Not even when I accidentally knee'd her face for the 67th time.

So anyways, today's post is dedicated to the ever quiet, soft-spoken, hard-working, KILLING MACHINE Jennifer Recinos who likely will never read this post because if she even has a Facebook, we're not even friends on it.  But that's okay cuz she doesn't need to be on Facebook for me to "like" her on it.  ;)  

Jennifer Recinos, Thank You for all you have and continue to do for my jiu-jitsu.  You cannot know how much you are appreciated by your teammates.