disclaimers and such


disclaimers and such
I started this blog in part to poke fun at myself but also to maybe in some awkward way give myself motivation, like documenting that I'm at least going SOMEwhere, even if I stay a blue belt forever and ever. Oh.. and something to do at work besides work that doesn't look like browsing on the internet.

Things you can expect in my blog:
* What it means to be a "Blue Belt for Life!!!" (exclamation points included!)

* How not to get down when returning to jiu-jitsu and everyone else you used to train with is now a purple/brown/black belt

* How old age CAN make you wiser in jiu-jitsu!

* Picking a school is like picking a life partner... don't go for the flashy one-night stand!

* Dating a black belt does NOT necessarily make you better in jiu-jitsu :(